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Flexible ventilation hoses for suction or forced-air ventilation (i.e. suction ducts)


Suction and forced-air ventilation hoses are used wherever it is necessary to evacuate air, noxious gases, dust and other industrial contaminants. Particularly in mining practice, in hollow narrow workings made with the use of coal-cutting machines, it is necessary to use this type of ventilation. For this type of ventilation, we produce suction and forced-air ducts made from plastic reinforced with coiled wire. The type of duct strengthening (wire diameter, spiral pitch) is selected according to the needs of depression endurance of the ventube fan. We make suction ducts using spring wire with different diameters depending on the diameter of the duct. Therefore, we use wires with a diameter of 2 mm to 7.5 mm. The wire spring is fixed to the conduit sleeve by hot air welding. The maximum declared resistance to the vacuum of suction hoses that we produce is 8000 Pa, these hoses are made in “C” class.

The range of suction and forced-air reinforced hoses produced by us is presented in the table beside.

Having regard to the needs of users, among others concerning the reduction of dust, we introduced a wide range of diameters from Ø 200 mm to Ø 1400 mm in our offer. The standard length of a suction duct is 5 meters. However, on special request of our customers, we are ready to produce each section of such a hose from 0.5 meters to even 20 meters. Sections of “lightly reinforced” suction ducts with a wire pitch of 150 mm ( O class) are also used for building forced-air duct lines as “joints” mounted with any arc radius. The principle of hanging and connecting of suction hoses is analogous to the solutions used in forced-air hoses.

Flexible ventilation hoses for forced-air ventilation – whirl-flow air ducts type TS-LWS/W and perforated ducts type TS-LWS/P

Ventilation hoses of this type are used for combined ventilation with dust collectors. They are used in forced-air ventilation. They perfectly fulfill the function of hoses supplying air in production halls or warehouses. The construction of perforated duct is based on the structure of suction duct, with the difference that it has perforations-holes arranged along the entire length of the duct or its part. The size of perforations-holes and their number depends on the air flow rate. In turn, the location of perforations on the perimeter of the given perforated duct are made according to customer’s indications. Perforation can be made in the form of holes with or without metal eyelets.

Whirl-flow air ducts are also made based on the construction of reinforced duct, which additionally has specially designed outlet holes forcing the whirling movement of air, which leads to dilution of methane or other gases in the workings.

Flexible ventilation hose for suction or forced-air ventilation operating vertically (i.e. shaft duct) type TS-LWS/SZ

We also offer ventilation hoses for building deep shafts (vertical working position) made by the same technique – hot air welding. Hoses-shaft ducts can be used for both suction and forced-air ventilation. The only noticeable difference is the fact of use, in addition to standard slings, of galvanized steel cords located at the two opposite sides of the hose, ended with tension bolts on one side. The mounted cords and tension bolts facilitate the installation of ducts in the shaft and are an additional element of rectilinear hanging of duct. We also use screw cable ties to connect subsequent sections of shaft ducts.

Shaft ducts type TS-LWS/SZ are manufactured in diameters; from Ø400 mm to Ø1200 mm and lengths; from 1mb to 10mb.

Shaft ducts TS-LWS/SZ are produced in four classes: “A”, “B”, “C” and “O”, similar to suction and forced-air ducts.