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Our company

TESECO sp. z o.o. has been the leading manufacturer of plastic flexible ventilation ducts (also called mining ducts) since 1984.

TESECO is the first Polish company established to develop machinery and equipment related to the production of flexible ventilation ducts, and to the production and implementation of modern ventilation systems in underground mines.

Regardless of the strong competition, the company achieved an established position on the Polish and European market. We owe our position to the development and implementation of our own production technology and the design of ventilation ducts. Thanks to many years of experience of our team of specialists, the customers can be sure that they get the highest quality product tailored to their needs. In addition, the quality of our products is guaranteed by the implemented Quality Management System, and the long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign accredited research institutes.

Teseco quality

DSC05022 copy Our motto included in the quality policy is as follows:  “TESECO QUALITY – MINE SAFETY” Currently, the Company offers flexible forced-air ventilation ducts and suction and forced-air ducts in a wide span of diameters and lengths adapted to the needs of underground mines, enterprises building tunnels and individual clients. We also produce other accessories related to ventilation, such as storage ducts, tees, reducers, regulating gate valves, shaft ducts, perforated ducts, whirl-flow air ducts etc. Apart from the production of ventilation equipment, we also offer barrage balloons of different diameters, covers of hydraulic cylinder coatings, all kinds of covers, curtains and tunnels for dog training also called Agility tunnel, made of fabrics in different colours, adapted to the needs of our customers. We also offer our customers regeneration of our products, which significantly reduces the cost of ventilation by reducing the need to purchase new pipe sections, ensuring pressure strength parameters and tightness at the level expected from new ducts. Regeneration significantly extends the lifetime of our products.

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