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Barrage balloons

made from fabric and fitted with valves can serve as a temporary way of control of water and other media in case of failures or repairs occurring in ventilation ducts as well as water supply ducts.


of various shapes and sizes are made from the same technical fabric and reinforced with wire, for filling and transportation of quick-setting materials, e.g. concrete, and are used to build dams, reinforcements and pillars.


of hydraulic cylinders coating are made entirely by hot air welding in wire reinforced version, and in non-reinforced corded version  – a convenient and easy-to-install one. Our shields are made from certified fabrics PVC-coated on both sides, meeting the requirements of work in potentially explosive atmospheres and in underground mines. The use of our shields is particularly cost effective if you use new, or refurbished, legs. Which significantly increases their durability and decreases the failure rate.